Individuals can become involved in the activities of the organisation by becoming members. In essence, anyone who makes a stand against corruption in South Africa supports the activities of this organisation.

Being a civil society organisation, we represent the citizens of the country and that means that we must have as many members as possible. You can assist by telling your friends about us and getting them to become members too.

Membership of the organisation is beneficial in the following ways:
Enabling individuals to contribute to the fight against corruption
Lobbying government, business on their behalf
Driving more value out of their tax contributions through getting a bigger amount in support of society
Providing members with a 'toolkit' in situations of bribery (under consideration)
Rendering legal advice to members in cases of bribery (under consideration)
Rendering legal advice to members in cases of whistle blowing (under consideration)

Because this is a civil society organisation, the organisation is run by citizens for citizens. The organisation is therefore firmly rooted in civil society. It therefore means that the funding of the organisation must also be rooted in the citizens of South Africa.

Businesses and donor organisations are approached to financially support projects undertaken by this organisation, but the operational side of the organisation must by funded by citizens to make it a truly civil society.

Businesses and Donor organisations

Financial support from businesses and donor organisations are sought to undertake projects. By supporting such projects businesses are benefiting through press coverage and by having their logos incorporated into the project material.

Corporate members contributing in excess of R5,000 get a flag or a sign (for instance a plaque to put up in their reception area) indicating that they are supporting Citizens Against Corruption and indicating "We report Corruption".

Businesses can send staff members on anti-corruption training courses and will benefit in having staff members who understand and appreciate what corruption is and what the effects are.

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